Saturday, July 23, 2016

N. American Congress for Conservation Biology

After returning from the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) N. American Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB) I am excited to share with you my favorite parts.
Instagram Pic of Root Lab @ NAACB
1. The Science
        Our favorite topics about road, corridors, and connectivity were discussed at the conference. As well as conservation education/outreach, and species monitoring. Other main topics were climate change, communication, population modeling/dynamics, disturbance ecology, citizen science, conservation management/policy, invasive species,  and some special topic rooms on Monarch butterflies, bison, and Hawaii.
2. The message/theme
        The overall message that was presented at the conferences large talks were about communicating science to other people. There was info on communicating via pictures, news, and education. Communicating to children, different religions, stakeholders, the government, ect. It really helped everyone take a step back and think about how they have been communicating and what individuals can do to improve communication.
3. The location
        Being in Madison, WI for the conference was great because the town has green qualities. There are local/organic food places, good public transit, as well as being bicycle friendly.  All three of us that went love a product WI is know for: cheese. They also have a system called Bcycle, where you pay at a bicycle station to rent a bicycle for a certain amount of time and you drop it off at another Bcycle station.  These stations are all over town, so we were able to bike through downtown, campus along the lake, and back to our hotel.

As an FYI for those who don't know what SCB is, they are an organization of conservation professionals/students that are passionate about conserving the Earths biodiversity.

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