Monday, February 15, 2016

Instagram Account

To help show more people what we do and how interesting nature is we have created an Instagram account for our lab.  You can find it @root_conservation on the app, and with #rootlabratory search.  Here is a link to it on the web:

Remember we also have a lab web page as well: Root Lab Webpage

Friday, February 12, 2016

Darwin Day

Today is "Darwin Day", the 207th birthday of Darwin, the scientist most notably associated with evolution.  There are a number of other famous scientists that don't get their birthdays recognized, a short list would be:
Wallace: was also working on evolution at the same time as Darwin
Hooke: discovery of the cell
MacAurthor & Wilson: Island Biogeography
Watson, Crick, Franklin & Gosling: DNA
Fisher: population genetics
Leeuwenhoek: Microbiology
Linnaeus: classification of species
Mendel: genetics
Leopold: wildlife conservation
Soule: conservation biology

So remember, just because we celebrate one scientist today, it takes all kinds of scientists to help understand the world we live in.