Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Root Lab Updates - Bats, Biodiversity, Big Achievments

Our top ten list of things from the 2018 spring semester were:

1. Degree completion for Tyler Turner, Greg Guffstufson, and Rachel Kappler.  What are we going to do with out them?
2. Bat species are more abundant in mixed use landscapes, but are also found around agriculture fields. There are likely ways we could add natural features surrounding ag fields, which would improve pest control by bats.  

3. Land Management activities involving prescribed burning and mechanical removal of plants impacts the structure which impacts the wildlife. For example leaf litter and canopy openness is altered and it impacts the distribution and abundance of birds and mammals.

4. The local ash tree population at Oak Openings Preserve has had their probability of persistence assessed, and it doesn't look great for them, but there are variables that could improve their outcome.

5. Reptiles: snakes are cool 🐍and turtle are too cute🐒, research is underway to study secrete serpent shenanigans.

6. Camera Surveying: Jake will be searching for Canidae, but will analyze all species caught in camera photos around the Oak Openings Region.

7. Office Plants are the best, we have a great selection of them in our office.

8. Greg got a job and its in California! 😎🌊🌞

9. Rachel had research published in the online journal "Forests".

10. Dr. Karen Root was a part of a panel on "rights of nature" legality

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